Get information on the best roach traps and baits, as well as the most effective brands and how to use them correctly.

Cockroaches are invasive creatures. If you let them, they will stop at nothing until they have completely taken over your house, your car, and everywhere else.

Trampling and killing a few of them you can find in your room, might seem to work until you get to examine the dark corners and crevices of your entire building and see so many of them.

So many that only specially designed cockroach traps and baits can kill.

It is no news that roaches are a nuisance; at home or anywhere else. The sight of them crawling on your walls can be very embarrassing when a visitor is around, not to talk of having them crawl over personal belongings.

So your search for how to use roach baits and traps to kill them all is quite justifiable.

Cockroaches usually live in nests.

Most times when we apply sprays to kill them, we only succeed in killing the ones we see. Those that are probably out to search for food. A greater part of their colony remains unscathed in their nests.

This is the reason the use of roach baits and traps, is one of the most effective roach control methods there is today. They help in eliminating the entire colonies, including those hiding in their nests.

Do Roach Baits Work?

Yes, they work. Though that depends on the type of roach baits we are talking about. For instance, the homemade roach baits. Though they are very effective in killing these small creatures, they are not very effective when it comes to certain species of cockroaches. The commercial type of roach baits tends to do better than them.

According to user reviews on different online platforms, commercial roach baits are very effective in controlling pests. If you have a roach problem in your house, you can use roach bait for that and start seeing real results in less than a week. That’s to show you how powerful they are.

“How do they work” You may be wondering. Well, read on to find out.

How Roach Baits Work

Roach baits are usually made with different attractants that lure cockroaches to them. They are also made with slow-acting chemicals that kill roaches.

Since cockroaches are some kind of creatures, they often eat and take some part of the food to their rest to share with others.

Once they’ve ingested the baits, they are most likely to take some of it back to other roaches. That way, spreading the insecticide among their colony.

Apart from that, roaches are known to feed on the bodies of fellow roaches once they die. That means those who didn’t get the insecticide by ingesting the bait directly are going to get it through the dead bodies in their nests. If they feed on them.

Cockroach Traps And How They Work

Roach traps or roach stations are specially designed boxes with many entrances. Inside the box is an attractant with poison that kills cockroaches. Just like that of baits, this poison is slow acting.

Once a roach has ingested it, it carries the poison back to other cockroaches in their nest. As many cockroaches that ingest the poison eventually end up dead. Even those that got it by feeding on other dead cockroaches.

Though roaches traps are kind of expensive, they are well worth the money. Most work up to 2 weeks. Some very good ones work up to 6 months before you will need to replace them. When carefully positioned in places with quite a lot of roaches, you can start seeing the results within 48 hours.

Examples of places to keep the trap include: behind the toilet, under the sink in kitchens, under the basement, behind electronic devices, etc. Anywhere you have seen cockroaches repeatedly is a good place to put it. Their presence in those places could be a sign that there are several others close by.

Since roach stations come with the poison inside them, it makes a much safer option for treating cockroaches in a house with ids and pests.

How To Chose The Best Roach Traps For The Money

Choosing the best roach traps to buy can be a little bit difficult. Since there are many options out there. With almost all of them claiming to be better than the other.

To help you get real value for money, we have made a list of things to consider when buying a roach trap.

  1. The size of Roaches In Your House

A lot of bait stations are effective for killing cockroaches. But not the large ones. Most can only kill the smaller cockroaches. Leaving you the option of getting other roach traps to handle the big ones.

So before buying a bait station or a roach trap, you need to put the size of the cockroaches you have been seeing around into considerations.

  1. User Reviews

Honest user reviews can save you the stress of buying a product that doesn’t work. Through user reviews, you don’t have to wait till you start using a roach trap to know if it works or not. You can look up what people are saying about it on different online stores and see if it is worth your money or not.

  1. Number of traps per packet

Some brands come with about 6 roach traps in a packet. Others like Combat Roach killing Bait, come with up to 12 bait stations. These can be placed in different locations around the house to stop the infestation.

  1. Price

Price plays a very important role when it comes to determining the roach trap to buy. While buying less popular brands may be cheaper compared to the very high price, most big brands set theirs. The issue is, will the roach traps work? Will they help stop the infestation you bought them for? If you are not quite sure of the answer to that question, then it is better to go all out and buy the one you are sure will work. No matter the price.

Best Roach Traps To Buy

Are you searching for the best roach stations to buy? Do you need to buy a roach trap instantly?

Below are some of the best you can find presently.

  1. Combat Max Roach Killer

This product is one of the best roach traps to buy on Amazon. It comes with bout 18 roach stations. Enough to put in different places in the house. According to user reviews, Combat Max effectively controls large cockroaches as well as small ones.

Once it is well-positioned in areas around the house where roaches are much, it will only take a couple of hours for the results to start showing. The poison inside works so well that it can wipe out the nest within a very short period.

  1. Hot Shot HG-95789 Roach KILLER

If placed near cabinets, in closets, or directly under the sink, refrigerators, this product can help kill roaches real fast. When it comes to bait stations that truly work, Hotshot HG-95789 is among the most widely recommended on Amazon and several other shopping malls.

The good thing about this is that it kills both the small and large cockroaches with eggs. The poison inside does not leave any mess behind.

  1. Black Flag Roach Motel

This cockroach trap help in controlling the infestation effectively. According to the information on the product label, it can be active for up to 4 months before you will need to replace it.

The black flag is not as expensive as other products though it works very well. Just like the other two mentioned above.

If properly positioned in places where roaches are often seen, you can start noticing the results in a couple of hours.

Cockroach Baits DIY

Apart from using commercial baits to control cockroaches, you can also use homemade baits to control them. Though homemade baits are not as effective as the commercial types when handling severe infestations, they can help reduce their numbers.

Some of the DIY roach baits and traps include

Roach baits For Cars

Apart from getting into our house, roaches can also become a problem in our cars. The common reason that happens is eating in the car regularly.

The amazing thing is, leaving the cockroach in your car and expecting them to die of heat during the day won’t kill them. Cockroaches are tough creatures that have mastered how to survive such tough situations. The only way to truly wipe them out from your car is to use baits and traps for them.

A common example of roach baits and traps you can use for your car includes glue traps and DIY baits made from boric acid.

What if My baits And Traps Aren’t Working?

If after placing your baits and traps around the house you discover everything is almost still the same, you’ve got to do two things.

  1. Wait a little longer. The baits won’t start killing cockroaches the very minute you set them/ You’ve got to give them time to work. At least a whole day. Normally it will take longer than that before you start seeing the results.
  2. Change the position of the baits or traps. Maybe where you thought the nest is, is not where it is. All you’ve got to do is to change the position and see if anything changes.

In Conclusion

Cockroaches contribute nothing meaningful to us at home or anywhere else. We have in this article discuss how to eradicate them using traps and baits.

Are you searching for the best cockroaches traps and baits? Do you want to know how to control roaches in your car?

I hope you find this information useful.

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