Spider Infestation In Homes – Signs, Problem & Solutions

Spider infestations can be widespread in homes and make your surroundings look unsightly.

These pests are found in homes as well as in the wild. We’re more concerned with the former as no homeowner will want to have their homes taken over by these arachnids.

If you’re currently dealing with such, the information here might help.

Spider Infestation In House

Spiders are among the most common pests you’ll find as an inspection of your surroundings may reveal their webs. The spider weaves such webs to help trap or capture prey.

Now, certain species of these creatures are known to be venomous, while most won’t cause any harm.

Why you Have Spider Issues


Spiders are known to be opportunists because they exploit all openings, including crevices and cracks, to get into a building. Spider presence becomes more likely when prey is abundant.

Spider prey includes beetles, crickets, flies, wasps, and grasshoppers.

Spiders’ other bugs include ants, June bugs, other spiders, stick bugs, dragonflies, and butterflies.

  • What causes a spider infestation?

Spiders prefer moist and dark surroundings, which is why you’ll find them in caves, soil, and tree hollows in nature.

Your home could harbor many insects, which spiders prey on. This possibility added to available openings in your home is a sure recipe for spider presence and activity.

You’re likely to find spiders in basements, room corners, and garages in homes.

Their webs always announce their presence. Based on the suitable conditions above, you may wish to have these altered to make your surroundings less inviting to these arachnids.

Part of the alteration includes finding and sealing up all cracks and crevices.

Spider Problems

Certain spider species are known to cause physical harm. There’s also the scary look spiders have. Persons with arachnophobia are unsettled to be around these creatures.

Two significant problems spiders are known for are their bites (for venomous spiders) and the mess they create around homes.

In terms of venomous spider bites, certain species such as widow spiders are notorious for the harm they cause.

A bite from this spider, when left untreated, could result in a whole range of symptoms, including infection of the bite area. Luckily, these arachnids don’t go out of their way to bite.

They only do so when they feel threatened. Nevertheless, it’s still a problem you can avoid by taking steps to prevent their presence.

A venomous spider bite can result in high blood pressure, sweating, swollen lymph nodes, difficulty breathing, and anxiety or restlessness.

Other likely conditions include chills accompanied by fever, headache with vomiting and nausea, purple or red-colored blister around the bite area, and swelling and pain in the exact location.

You may also experience muscle pains or cramping, red welt, and an itchy red rash.

Spider infestations can make your home look unsightly when it comes to the effect on your surroundings. The webs they spin are an eyesore and affect your home’s aesthetics.

Removing these webs alone won’t help the situation as these pests have to be eliminated.

Addressing a Home Infested With Spiders

Whenever spider infestations are identified, many actions are taken to address the problem.

There are DIY options as well as a professional approach. Of course, DIY control will require significant commitment on your part to resolve the problem.

Although such actions may help, it’s not an approach you can entirely rely on. In other words, the results obtained through DIY spider extermination aren’t as comprehensive as those performed by a professional.

However, you stand a chance of improving your outcome when the right actions are taken.

i. DIY Techniques for Eliminating Spider Problems

Several strategies will prove helpful when performing DIY spider control. These include using long-lasting insecticides, applying diatomaceous earth, setting glue traps, and using essential oils for treatment.

Let’s take a hurried look at the different points before proceeding to the professional treatment approach.

  • Use of Long-Lasting Insecticides

A wide range of insecticides exists for different pest issues.

A lot of these products will kill spiders when applied appropriately. It’s essential to go with long-lasting insecticides as they leave residual effects that make your home unattractive to spiders for a long time.

It’s important when applying these to stick to the use instructions. Not abiding by the use instructions from the manufacturer won’t give you desired results.

You will find such instructions on the product label.

  • Applying Diatomaceous Earth

This natural product consists of tiny sharp fossils that injure spiders by tearing up their bodies.

Due to this action, these arachnids die of dehydration due to loss of body fluids. You do not worry about its safety as it’s safe to use around humans and animals without problems.

  • Setting Glue Traps

Have you considered using glue traps for your spider problem? Spider infestations can be controlled using this home remedy.

As the name suggests, glue traps serve as barriers that keep spiders out of your home for good. They only need to be well-positioned until they catch these pests.

  • Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can also come in handy when treating a spider infestation. Although a whole range of such oils is available, we recommend making a solution of peppermint oil with vinegar.

About 25 drops of peppermint essential oil and 2 cups of white vinegar will serve this purpose.

Pour into a spray bottle and apply along with spider-infested areas of your home. You may have to repeat treatments if the problem persists.

ii. Professional Treatment for Spider Problems

As stated earlier, DIY methods of spider treatments aren’t as reliable as professional treatments are. With a professional approach, you get a more comprehensive outcome.

Trained and experienced technicians with an understanding of spider behavior perform your treatments.

The quality of service you get depends on who you hire for the job. It would be best if you took the time to find out about the business you hire. Customer reviews provide you with guidance on who to go for or patronize.

Conclusion On Infestation Of Spiders

Resolving your spider infestation issues doesn’t have to be complicated. You only need to go for the most reliable treatment option available.

These have been discussed here.

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