How to Get Rid of Pocket Gophers

Are you looking for how to get rid of pocket gophers around your property? Here are some good repellent and extermination methods to consider. Gophers create underground tunnels through their burrowing activities. This is a nightmare for most homeowners and gardeners. All efforts geared towards tending your garden greens or lawn are largely affected. But … Read more

7 Common Plant Species That Repel Gophers

What plants will keep gophers away? Here are some species that will repel these pest species anytime. The burrowing activity of gophers through yards and gardens can be destructive. This can cause significant damage to your lawns and gardens. The only way to prevent these rodents from causing further havoc is by finding ways to … Read more

How Much Does Gopher Extermination Cost?

The average cost of gopher extermination will vary depending on the conditions of infestation; these will be discussed shortly. Gophers, like moles, cause damage to yards and gardens through their burrowing activity. This can make your surroundings look pretty messed up! To address this problem, you’ll need to call for an extermination service. These are … Read more