So, what attracts brown recluse spiders? To discuss this, it will do well to state the fact that these pests easily adapt to both outdoor and indoor environments.

In other words, brown recluse spiders can live indoors in areas such as basements, attics, etc while also properly adapted to living outdoors.

In any case, you don’t want these spiders to get too close or invading your space. Keeping them at a safe distance is the way to go.

The of the most dreaded pest problems to encounter is recluse spider presence. These spiders are venomous with bites that may require medical attention.

For recluse spiders to be present around your home, it is possible that there ample favorable conditions.

What Lures Recluse Spiders?

One of the most common conditions needed for recluse spiders to thrive in the presence of bugs around your home.

Such bugs range from roaches, crickets, silverfish, beetles, firebrats, and several others. The presence of these bugs compounds your pest problem as they too need to be eliminated.

Sometimes, fighting a recluse spider infestation will achieve little as long as the cause isn’t eliminated. The cause here refers to the presence of bugs. By exterminating the bugs, you’re actively creating less conducive surroundings for brown recluse spiders to thrive.

  • Hiding Spots

Hideouts or hiding spots are an additional attraction for brown recluse spiders. When these spiders find their way into your home, the first thing they look for is a suitable spot hideout.

Now, there’s no denying the fact that lots of potential hiding spots abound within homes.

One of the ways to avoid poisonous bites from brown recluse spiders is by being careful especially with shoes before putting them on. Tap such shoes before sliding your feet in.

Apart from shoes, clothing can also serve as a suitable nesting area for brown recluse spiders. You may want to shake such clothing before putting them on.

  • Cracks

Cracks can also serve as hiding spots for brown recluse spiders.

They are also entryways through which these pests gain access to your home. The best way to take back control is by carefully inspecting your walls and sealing up any cracks you find.

That way, you’ll be protecting your private space from invasion.

  • Clutter

It is easier to find brown recluse spiders holed up around clutter than an orderly surroundings. Such clutter creates a conducive environment for these pests to nest. If this is the case, you can easily fix the problem by clearing up such clutter.

It doesn’t matter if this is found indoors or outdoors. A cleanup or tidying of such areas will go a long way in resolving the problem.

  • Dead Insects

Brown recluse spiders are also known to be attracted to both live and dead insects.

These pests prefer recently killed insects and will feast on such over those which have been killed for quite a while. Live insects also serve as source food.

The more your swarms with insects, the likely it is for brown recluse spiders to find it welcoming.

  • Dark Spots

When brown recluse spiders gain entry into your home, they target dark spots or areas. This point can also be categorized under hiding spots because dark areas of your home serve as a perfect cover for these pests.

In most cases, brown recluse spiders will emerge from such areas at night in search of prey.

  • Woodpiles

If there are woodpiles around your home, it won’t be long until brown recluse spiders find it appealing and move in.

From there, they easily gain entry into your home. The best remedy here will involve moving such woodpiles as far away as possible from your home.

Treating the Problem

When faced with a brown recluse spider invasion, the most reliable control strategy to adopt involves calling a reliable pest control service. The word “reliable” is used here because only professional pest technicians can offer far-reaching solutions to your pest issues.

Here, a comprehensive extermination plan is adopted and implemented. The result leads to a home free of brown recluse spiders. For effective treatment to commence, your surroundings will need to be inspected.

Pest control technicians know the signs to look out for however subtle they might seem. Having established its presence, pest technicians set out to eliminate favorable conditions. In other words, getting rid of those things that attract brown recluse spiders is paramount.

Additional recluse spider treatments include spraying with contact aerosol. There are tons of products that can be used for this treatment. When choosing contact aerosols, those with residual properties are preferred as the effect lingers on long after it has been applied.

DIY Methods Used for Brown Recluse Spider Control

Apart from seeking professional help for your recluse spider problem, other equally viable options exist. The adoption of DIY strategies is quite popular among many homeowners. However, doubts have been expressed in many quarters about its efficacy.

Not everyone experiences the same results when using DIY strategies in brown recluse spider control. This is due to several factors. The most common ones include improper use of such methods as well as using ineffective remedies.

In any case, calling for professional help with your pest issue seems to be the easiest and most reliable. Nevertheless, some may disagree with this assertion. Whatever the case is, the decision is entirely yours to make.

DIY methods of control mostly involve simple tasks. Some of these are geared towards brown recluse spider prevention while others are beneficial for both prevention and fighting an existing infestation. So, what are these methods? They include the following;

  • Minimizing Clutter

This is a no brainer and has to do with tidying up your surroundings.

We earlier made mention of the fact that brown recluse spiders are attracted to clutter. The reasonable action to take in such circumstances is by limiting or completely getting rid of clutter. You’ll need to move or clear out anything lying around and considered unnecessary.

  • Shaking Out Your Shoes Outside

Before putting on your shoes, it will be good to be extra careful especially when dealing with a brown recluse spider problem.

Take shoes outside and have them shaken. Chances are that these arachnids will be using your shoes as a hideout. Taking this precautionary measure helps make your surroundings less appealing to these pests.

  • Inspect your Bed Before Lying Down

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Brown recluse spiders are likely to find their way to your bed. A few seconds on inspection is enough to prevent coming in close contact with these pests.

This action, coupled with other DIY strategies helps prevent brown recluse spiders from finding your home attractive.

  • Getting Rid of Food Sources

We earlier stated that brown recluse spiders are attracted by food. This includes bugs and insects.

Getting rid of such bugs and insects goes a long way to keep your home safe from brown recluse spider invasion. There is less incentive to go into your home in search of prey.

  • Using EPA-Approved Pest Products

There are tons of EPA approved pest products that can be used for brown recluse spider control.

The best way to use them is by applying around your home’s perimeter. These pesticides are made to leave behind a significant residual impact that lasts a couple of days or weeks.

This works to exclude or keep out brown recluse spiders from gaining entry. This DIY strategy can be used in combination with other strategies for real results.

  • Sealing Up Cracks on External Walls

To reduce the degree of attraction of brown recluse spiders to your home, it will do well to inspect your exterior walls for any cracks. All cracks must be sealed up in addition to the other DIY control strategies.

This way, you’re making your home impenetrable to recluse spiders.

Our discussion to this point has been focused on highlighting the factors that attract brown recluse spiders. We’ve also gone further to shed light on how to contain or mitigate such attraction; as a result, you succeed in keeping your home safe.