Will Mice Bother You While Sleeping?

Will mice come near me while I sleep? Is it safe to sleep with a mouse at home?

Having mice issues can be a nightmare for most homeowners due to potential diseases humans are exposed to from mice presence.

Is It Safe To Sleep With Mouse At Home?

Asides from the risk of getting exposed to mice-related diseases, there’s also the problem caused by damage. Mice will cause a significant amount of havoc on your home.

There aren’t many benefits to having mice around. At best, your level of tolerance for these rodents should be about a day or two while you seek treatment or solutions.

With severe infestations, their presence can be really disturbing as you’re exposed to a significant level of risk and damage.

Mice are Clever, So Your Control Techniques should be Efficient

With mice within your home, it’s necessary to go all out against these rodents.

However, you want to adopt a more reliable approach to treatment. These rodents are known to avoid poisoned bait as well as traps especially when these aren’t well placed.

There are lots of limitations associated with DIY control techniques. So, you must adopt a more reliable and comprehensive approach such as the use of professional pest control services.

These are experts skilled in the handling of all pest issues.

Why Having Mice Around is Unsafe

Sleeping on a mice problem can be discomforting for many and rightfully so due to the significant risks posed by them. With mice presence, you’re faced with both health risks and the risk of property damage.

Nobody wants to get exposed to any of these.

Here, we’ve discussed many potential issues you’re likely to face with mice presence. These include chewing through your structure, fire hazards, flea problems, and infections.

Other problems include expensive repair costs, bites, tick issues, and difficulty in controlling them.

  • Chewing Through Your Structure

One of the things mice are well known for is their chewing and burrowing activities when they get into homes.

In a bid to find suitable nesting sites, these rodents either take up certain favorable locations or chew their way through your home’s structure.

Asides from seeking nesting sites, some construction materials are considered ideal for making or building nests.

Because the nest needs to be soft, you’ll find clothing and soft furnishings among other things being destroyed by these rodents.

This is a nightmare for many homeowners as their prized possessions are being destroyed. The longer mice are allowed to stay at home, the more damage they cause.

You’ll want to take drastic measures to arrest the problem before it worsens.

  • Fire Hazards

What’s the connection between mice presence and fire hazards? There are more connections than you think. Remember that these rodents have incisors that constantly grow and require trimming.

When mice seek to get into a home, they try to chew through any obstructions that stand in their way.

Such obstructions include electrical wiring. In the course of chewing through such wiring, the insulation is removed thus resulting in short-circuiting.

Sparks from contact with damaged insulation are likely to cause a fire when they come in contact with combustible materials.

A lot of house fire cases have been traced to mice activity. This is why the mere presence of mice around your home should be worrisome.

As earlier stated, the longer they’re allowed to stay around, the worse the problem gets.

  • Flea Problems

Flea issues are also connected with mice presence.

Fleas aren’t only brought into a home through pets. Rodents can become infested by fleas. The presence of flea-infested mice in your home automatically introduces flea issues.

The bites resulting from flea feeding activity can be irritating. Some persons have allergic reactions to such bites. So, you’re likely to be dealing with multiple pest issues.

That is; flea and rodent mice infestations. You must act as fast as possible to address the problem and contain it.

  • Infections

Part of the risks caused by mice presence in a home is the possibility of spreading diseases to humans. It isn’t difficult to see why they’re considered filthy as such is closely related to their attraction to filth.

Plus, they contaminate food through their droppings and urine in addition to diseases and germs on their body and legs.

The accumulation of mice droppings in the presence of urine leads to the growth of harmful bacteria that can spread to humans.

Examples of diseases that spread include Hantavirus, Lymphocytic Chloriomeningitis (LCM), salmonellosis, and bubonic plague.

All of these conditions are deadly and more likely to spread with mice presence.

  • Expensive Repair Costs

We’ve stated that mice will cause a lot of damage to property when adequate measures aren’t taken to keep them out. Their chewing and gnawing activity causes both structural damage and damage to furniture.

Full-blown infestations are more difficult to get rid of.

The resulting damage is also severe.

Homeowners are likely to carry out extensive repairs on the property after mice infestation is resolved.

Such may include fixing burrowed parts of the building and cleaning up droppings or outright replacement of damaged sections of the infested area.

Gnawed or defaced furniture will need to be fixed as well.

  • Tick Issues

Asides from fleas, mice will also bring along tick issues. No homeowner wants to deal with additional pest issues. Ticks need to feed on blood. They latch onto mice which in turn bring them into human dwellings.

Now, you or your pets are suitable hosts to these parasitic creatures.

There’s also the possibility of contracting Lyme disease from these pests. You’ll need to be extra careful to avoid or prevent the cause. As long as mice are allowed in, there’s a chance of getting ticks.

  • Difficulty of Control

Without a doubt, mice are difficult to control when they get in. Your best bet is to adopt preventive measures. Such measures require taking steps to exclude them from your home.

All possible entry points are sealed and improved hygiene practices are adhered to.

When faced with an active infestation, you should call a trained and experienced pest control technician. Difficulties are easily surmounted through the professional handling of mice infestations.

As discussed so far, it’s unsafe to sleep with a mouse at home. Your best bet is to simply avoid the problem by taking appropriate action(s).

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