One of the most unbearable pest infestations can be credited to bed bugs.

This is because they can make your life a living hell, as they are most active in the nighttime when you are tired and worn out, thereby needing every possible rest.

Bed Bug Extermination Companies

Due to the need for pest control services which are highly sought for exterminating bed bugs, we will be focusing on the top 10 pest control services for bed bugs, with the focus of unveiling the top options for fighting these pests.

Another reason which makes bed bugs among the most despised pests is the fact that they reproduce at an alarming rate, therefore, a bed bug infestation can be a very unbearable condition as well as very embarrassing without seeking the services of pest control companies in good time.

The top extermination services for bed bugs include the following;

1. Western Exterminator

This is a bed bug exterminating company that has brought relief to countless homes across America. It assures its clients of a total and comprehensive bed bug extermination process that leaves homes totally bed bug-free.

Its range of services is split into four main areas that include the contact phase where clients contact them; the next step is the survey phase where recommendations are offered based on the level of bed bug infestation.

Following the recommendation, the stage is the treatment phase where the special needs of the client are taken into consideration in exterminating these pests.

The final stage is the aftercare phase where frequent visits are made by the experts to ensure that the treatment has been effective.

2. Batzner Pest Control

Batzner Pest Control services provide an effective way of exterminating bed bugs through its use of 2 main treatment options which include the Conventional Treatments as well as the Heat Treatment option.

Under the Conventional Treatment option, the treatments are patterned to coincide with the reproduction as well as incubation cycles of bed bugs.

Areas with the most infestation are sprayed with their signature pest control applications.

For heat treatment, as the name suggests, heat is used to exterminate bed bugs. The heat is raised to a level where it is intolerable to bed bugs.

3. Killingsworth Environmental

Killingsworth Environmental is an effective bed bug control company that treats bed bug infestation using heat through a process known as the “thermal remediation process.”

Before the heat treatment is applied, specially trained k-9 dogs trace infested areas by sniffing.

The thermal remediation process is carried out by the usage of heaters that are applied to infested areas to kill off bed bugs.

4. Ecolab Pest Control

If you notice a bed bug infestation, contacting Ecolab should be the next port of call, as they provide one of the best bed bug treatment options for clients.

Ecolab’s bed bug extermination process follows a three-step pattern which includes the initial services consisting of inspection and treatment, a follow-up process within 24 hours from the time of treatment as well as another 2-week follow-up process all involving inspection and treatments.

Ecolab also has an inflatable thermal enclosure where infested furniture and clothing are kept to kill off all bed bugs no matter the stage of development. This also saves furniture from damage.

5. Mite Buster

Mite buster is a pest (bed bug) exterminating company that focuses on the provision of high-value services to clients.

Steam treatment is used in exterminating bed bugs after having located the areas infested by bed bugs, as well as places where their eggs are laid.

Mite Buster also provides free mattress covers for infested mattresses, as well as the application of a long-lasting (90 day) professional-grade insecticide for cracks infested by bed bugs for a lasting solution to the problem.

6. Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed Bug Exterminator promises never to affect the normal work schedule of clients apart from the initial examination of infested areas.

This makes the treatment measure a very efficient and less energy-consuming measure.

The treatment process is also a health-friendly one as cases of allergies that may affect your health and the health of your pets are properly taken care of in a professional manner.

7. Critter Control

Critter pest control (Eco-Wise) is a household name in the provision of cutting-edge pest control services of which bed bugs are part.

Known for its track record of excellence in the extermination of bed bugs using organic methods, the methods used by Critter Control are environmentally friendly and also harmless to clients as well as their pets.

8. Arrow Exterminators

Arrow exterminator is an effective solutions provider for bed bug infestations. It all starts with the inspection stage where clients are required to pay $250.

The process is thorough, and areas within the home that are infested by bed bugs are treated. The cost of treatment includes $200 taken from the initial inspection fee paid.

It ensures that client expectations are fully met with very few (if any) complaints.

9. Clark Pest Control

Clark Pest Control is another major name in the pest control services industry as it offers a reliable option for clients in need of thorough bed bug extermination.

First, it comprehensive inspection of your home is carried out and is followed by a custom-designed treatment process that is best for that particular situation.

The treatment process includes the use of heat remediation process, steam treatment, fumigation, or the use of conventional pest control measures.

10. Ehrlich Pest Control

The effective extermination of bed bugs can be daunting especially if the services of experts are not sought.

Ehrlich Pest Control Services offers professional bed bug extermination solutions for households through its three-stage process of inspection through the use of highly trained K-9 dogs which identify infestation areas, followed by a recommendation provided through a survey process.

Treatment immediately follows its recommendations, and the most effective treatment measures are applied for maximum results.

An aftercare period follows the treatment process to ensure that the treatment achieves maximum impact.

These top 10 pest control services for bed bugs are meant to provide you with the most effective bed bug exterminating companies with a proven track record of excellence.

The options offer you a choice to select which plan or service provider is best for you

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