Permethrin is a widely used synthetic insecticide applied on a variety of pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, termites, bed bugs, chiggers, and roaches, etc.

Of interest to us is the effect of permethrin insecticide on spiders.

In other words, does Permethrin kill spiders?

Using Permethrin For Spider Control

Our entire discussion will focus on finding the answers to the effect of permethrin on spiders. All spider species are being considered here including the non-poisonous and poisonous species.

This insecticide is still being widely used in getting rid of a wide range of pest issues.

Whether it can be used for spider extermination remains to be seen. You won’t have to wait long to find out as all the answers you need are right here.

What is Permethrin?

Before we proceed to provide you with the answers you seek, it’s necessary to know what permethrin is. This is a synthetic chemical compound designed to mimic a naturally occurring insecticide known as pyrethrum.

Pyrethrum is found in chrysanthemums.

This synthetic chemical compound kills a wide variety of pests by overexciting their nervous systems. A few of the pests killed by permethrin include fire ants, roaches, scorpions, millipedes, carpenter bees, mole cricket mites, pillbugs, earwigs, Japanese beetles, and caterpillars.

Permethrin is mostly included in a variety of insecticide products and makes up a significant volume of pesticides. When using permethrin, you’ll notice its characteristic pungent odor. This will hang in the air after application for some hours.

As such, you’ll need adequate ventilation to douse or disperse the odor after application.

Can I Kill Spiders With Permethrin?

You can! Permethrin SFR gives you the control you need over spider infestations. Whatever type of spider species you have, permethrin gets the job done.

However, for best results, you’ll need to follow all the use instructions provided on the label. This includes safety instructions as permethrin can be toxic when used incorrectly.

  • How Permethrin Kills Spiders

Having confirmed the effect of permethrin in spider extermination, it’s necessary to know how it acts on such spiders. Spiders are killed when they come in contact with this insecticide. This begins with their central nervous systems.

When permethrin gets into their central nervous systems, it alters normal functioning. Sodium channels are the focus. With such disruption comes a breakdown of the normal functioning of the neurons.

This eventually results in muscle spasms, paralysis, and eventual death.

The good thing with permethrin is that it doesn’t only kill spiders but all sorts of pests as well. These multiple benefits help keep your home free.

Safety Precautions During Permethrin Use

Before you use permethrin for spider extermination, it’s necessary to first take appropriate safety measures. Such safety measures include washing hands thoroughly before eating, drinking, using the toilet, chewing gum, or using tobacco.

Putting on protective gear or equipment is very important. Consider putting on a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

Chemical-resistant gloves are recommended. This also includes socks and shoes. For enhanced protection, put on pesticide-approved respirators especially for indoor application.

i. First Aid

While applying permethrin for spider extermination, this chemical may be accidentally inhaled, ingested, or get into your eyes. This chemical could also pour onto skin or clothing.

When it does, it’s necessary to seek immediate first aid.

  • When Inhaled

The mist when sprayed may get inhaled especially when you’re not using a nose mask or respirator. Spraying enclosed areas will increase the likelihood of inhaling this insecticide. Kids or pets may walk in without your knowledge.

In such cases, the exposed person should be moved to areas with fresh air. With high exposure, such a person might not be breathing. Here, you’ll need to call emergency services as well as artificial respiration.

A health expert will need to attend to such a person thereafter.

  • When Ingested

There are times when permethrin may get ingested. This is a very risky situation and should be given all the urgency it requires. You’ll need to call a poison control center as soon as you can.

The faster they arrive, the better. Avoid unauthorized or self-medication as you may complicate the situation.

  • When it Gets into Eyes

When permethrin gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with lots of water. A quick rinse won’t do any good. You’ll need to rinse continually, slowly, and gently for about 15 to 20 minutes.

To further prevent the chance of complications, visit or call a health expert.

  • On Skin

When exterminating spiders with this insecticide, it’s likely to pour on your skin or clothing. This might get absorbed through the skin when left unattended. As such, immediately rinse the area with lots of water for about 15 minutes.

For contaminated clothing, these should be taken off immediately.

ii. Read Entire Label

It’s not enough to breeze through the product label hurriedly. This will result in mistakes as all precautionary advice won’t be adhered to. Therefore, take all the time you need to fully understand how the product can be safely used.

This enhances your success rate while keeping you safe.

Call a Licensed Pest Control Operator

While killing spiders with permethrin may be easy, you could be exposed to this toxic chemical. Exposure is likely to result in a wide range of health complications. All these can be avoided by calling a licensed spider control operator.

These professionals are trained in the handling and application of toxic pesticides.

Also, quite a lot of permethrin products come with recommendations for use by licensed pest control operators. It’s important that you stick to such use instructions as your safety is paramount.

When to Use Permethrin

Knowing when to use permethrin for spider extermination is important. When using in outdoor environments, consider avoiding windy days or times of the day. Also, certain beneficial insects such as honey bees may get affected.

Therefore, ensure that you wait till morning or during the day when there aren’t as many. Also, avoid spraying this insecticide near their hives.

Permethrin kills spiders including a long list of other common pests. This makes it the preferred choice for a lot of homeowners as they get the benefit of its multiple uses.

It’s important to also follow all safety advice to avoid poisoning or other health complications.

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