Using Marigolds For Pest Control – Repellent Benefits & Best Varieties

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How To Get Rid Of Mothball Smell

Here is how to remove mothball smells. Mothballs are pungent substances mostly white in color and largely consisting of naphthalene. The name is derived from its usage as a cloth moth repellent. Mothballs can also be used to deal with bed bugs, fleas, and rats. Now, the odor is quite strong and sticks to areas … Read more

How To Use Orange Oil For Pest Control

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10+ Flowers For Pest Control In Homes & Gardens

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Garlic Repellent Spray For Garden Pest Control

Here is all about using garlic for pest control in gardens. Sometimes, solutions to pest problems can come from the most unlikely places. This is common with natural remedies as certain food items also double as pest repellents. The best part is; these natural remedies are non-toxic to humans and also environmentally friendly. Garlic Pest … Read more

Ammonia For Pest Control – Does It Kill Insects & Rodents?

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Where To Buy Boric Acid Powder?

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