We hereby present the top pest control companies in the world.

There are several species of ants, ranging from the least dangerous to the most dangerous. The danger is used in this sense to mean likely attack on humans and animals (pets).

World’s Largest Pest Control Companies

In both cases, we do not need them around our dwellings which makes us want to provide the top pest control services for ants to enable us to find immediate and lasting solutions to Ants infestation.

So, if you have an ant infestation in your home or business environment, you would like to seek help by checking out our world’s largest pest control companies for insects with proven track records of services excellence and reliability. These enable you to make your pick easily.

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We have provided a comprehensive list of companies providing these services as follows;

Top Rated Pest Control Services for Ants

1. JP McHale Pest Management Inc.

Providing the best pest control services for ants, JP McHale Pest Management Inc. is a trusted name in the provision of reliable and affordable services to clients.

Its pest control process starts with the identification of infested areas, as well as tracing the point of entry.

Based on the level of infestation, a suitable treatment is selected for the total extermination of these ants. In addition to these, it ensures that the safety of infants, as well as pets, is maintained.

2. Edge

Also known as The Service Company, Edge provides effective ant extermination solutions to its clients. This is done through the disruption of the reproductive cycle of ants through the use of the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). This is an effective preventive measure that affects the ant population considerably.

The treatment process is repeated 30 days after the initial treatment to ensure that the hatching cycle of ant eggs is comprehensively broken.

Edge also provides quarterly services within a calendar year to achieve the best results as ants are likely to resurface when the treatment process is not done periodically.

3. Heron Home and Outdoor

Heron Home and Outdoor are driven by a passion to provide outstanding results to its clients and even exceeding their expectations. Using modern techniques as well as the use of green pest control solutions to limit damage to the environment.

Also, the little details are vital to the services provided by Heron Home and Outdoor, as they believe that these make the whole difference. While having the capacity to offer large scale professional services to clients, it also scales down its services to cover individual clients.

4. PestNow

To enjoy the efficiency PestNow brings to the extermination of ants, basic information on the color, location, size as well as the infestation history of ants in your home is required.

PestNow requires this information to know how best to handle the situation.

5. Clegg’s Pest Control

Clegg’s Pest Control adopts environmentally safe treatment measures to rid your home, office, and surroundings of ants. It does not just exterminate ants but has a backup strategy that ensures that ants never return.

Before the commencement of treatment, Clegg’s Pest Control first verifies the level of infestation as well as the source or colony of the ants and applies its treatment from the source.

6. Maheu and Maheu Pest Management

Maheu and Maheu Pest management is a pest control service which does not only focus on the symptoms but attacks the problem from its source. Ants live in colonies, and tracing the colonies of these ants is a key factor in completely exterminating them.

Identifying the exact pest problem is important to how effective the extermination is achieved.

7. Royal Pest Solutions

There are several types of ants whose activities have become quite damaging and are viewed as pests. The immediate extermination of these ants becomes a priority.

Royal Pest Solutions offers advisory as well as intervention roles to exterminate ant populations within the home, around the home as well as for commercial clients. It has created a strong bond with its existing clients due to the quality of service provided.

8. Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions

With over 60 years of industry experience, Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions are the go-to guys for ant extermination services.

The secret to their success has been consistency in the provision of top-notch pest control services. Their areas of expertise are not only limited to the extermination of ants, as they also provide extermination services for a variety of pests including rodents, flies, roaches and several others.

Also, its service technicians are highly trained to provide highly professional services with one goal in mind; to meet and even exceed the expectation of clients.

9. Modern Pest Services

Modern Pest Services is a well-known brand in the pest control services sector. As pest management professionals, they provide maximum protection for households and businesses as well as customized services for clients in need of such services.

Its ant extermination process is handled by adequately trained professionals in the field who identify the problem by assessing the level of damage and selecting the best treatment methods to use.

10. Braman Termite and Pest Elimination

This pest control service has successfully treated cases of ant infestation. The process starts with an interview which it holds with the client, followed by an inspection to ascertain the ant infestation, as well as to enable it to select the right treatment procedure to follow.

The client gets to choose from Braman’s MultiPest Plan and selects the most appropriate plan which would fit into the budget as well as schedule.

These top 10 pest control companies have been proven and tested, and have provided excellent services to clients across the United States and beyond.

Cases of ant infestation are no longer difficult to solve as long as there are reliable pest control services readily available to provide lasting relief.

Best Pest Control Services for Bed Bugs

One of the most unbearable pest infestations can be credited to bed bugs. This is because they can make your life a living hell, as they are most active in the night time when you are tired and worn out, thereby needing every possible rest.

Due to the need for pest control services which is highly sought for exterminating bed bugs, we will be focusing on the pest removal services for bed bugs with the focus of unveiling the top options for fighting these pests.

Another reason which makes bed bugs among the most despised pests is the fact that they reproduce at an alarming rate. Therefore, a bed bug infestation can be a very unbearable condition as well as very embarrassing without seeking the services of pest control companies in a good time.

1. Western Exterminator

This is a bed bug exterminating company that has brought relief to countless homes across America. It assures its clients of a total and comprehensive bed bug extermination process that leaves homes bed bug-free.

Its ranges of services are split into four main areas that include the contact phase; the next step is the survey phase where recommendations are offered based on the level of bed bug infestation.

Following the recommendation, the stage is the treatment phase where the special needs of the client are taken into consideration in exterminating these pests.

The final stage is the aftercare phase where frequent visits are made by the experts to ensure that the treatment has been effective.

2. Batzner Pest Control

Batzner Pest Control services provide an effective way of exterminating bed bugs through its use of 2 main treatment options which include the Conventional Treatments as well as the Heat Treatment option.

Under the Conventional Treatment option, the treatments are patterned to coincide with the reproduction as well as incubation cycles of bed bugs. Areas with the most infestation are sprayed with its signature pest control applications.

For heat treatment, as the name suggests, heat is used to exterminate bed bugs. The heat is raised to a level where it is intolerable to bed bugs.

3. Killingsworth Environmental

Killingsworth Environmental is an effective bed bug control company that treats bed bug infestation using heat through a process known as the “thermal remediation process.”

Before the heat treatment is applied, specially trained k-9 dogs trace infested areas by sniffing.

The thermal remediation process is carried out by the usage of heaters which are applied to infested areas to kill off bed bugs.

4. Ecolab Pest Control

If you notice a bed bug infestation, contacting Ecolab should be the next port of call, as they provide one of the best bed bug treatment options for clients.

Ecolab’s bed bug extermination process follows a three-step pattern which includes the initial services consisting of inspection and treatment, a follow-up process within 24 hours from the time of treatment as well as another 2 weeks follow up process all involving inspection and treatments.

Ecolab also has an inflatable thermal enclosure where infested furniture and clothing are kept to kill off all bed bugs no matter the stage of development. This also saves furniture from damage.

5. Mite Buster

Mite buster is a pest (bed bug) exterminating company that focuses on the provision of high-value services to clients. Steam treatment is used in exterminating bed bugs after having located the areas infested by bed bugs, as well as places where their eggs are laid.

Mite Buster also provides free mattress covers for infested mattresses, as well as the application of a long-lasting (90 day) professional-grade insecticide for cracks infested by bed bugs for a lasting solution to the problem.

6. Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed Bug Exterminator promises never to affect the normal work schedule of clients apart from the initial examination of infested areas. This makes the treatment measure a very efficient and less energy-consuming measure.

The treatment process is also a health-friendly one as cases of allergies which may affect your health and the health of your pets are properly taken care of in a professional manner.

7. Critter Control

Critter pest control (Eco-Wise) is a household name in the provision of cutting edge pest control services of which bed bugs are part of.

Known for its track record of excellence in the extermination of bed bugs using organic methods, the methods used by Critter Control are environmentally friendly and also harmless to clients as well as their pets.

8. Arrow Exterminators

Arrow exterminator is the effective solutions provider for bed bug infestations. It all starts with the inspection stage where clients are required to pay $250.

The process is thorough, and areas within the home that are infested by bed bugs are treated.

The cost of treatment includes $200 taken from the initial inspection fee paid. It ensures that client expectations are fully met with very little (if any) complaints.

9. Clark Pest Control

Clark Pest Control is another major name in the pest control services industry as it offers a reliable option for clients in need of thorough bed bug extermination.

First, it comprehensive inspection of your home is carried out and is followed by a custom-designed treatment process that is best for that particular situation. The treatment process includes the use of heat remediation process, steam treatment, fumigation, or the use of conventional pest control measures.

10. Erlich Pest Control

The effective extermination of bed bugs can be daunting especially if the services of experts are not sought.

Erlich Pest Control Services offers professional bed bug extermination solutions for households through its three-stage process of inspection through the use of highly trained K-9 dogs which identify infestation areas, followed by a recommendation provided through a survey process.

Treatment immediately follows its recommendations, and the most effective treatment measures are applied for maximum results.

An aftercare period follows the treatment process to ensure that the treatment achieves maximum impact.

This list is meant to provide you with the most effective bed bug exterminating companies with a proven track record of excellence. These options offer you a choice to select which plan or service provider is best for you.

Top 10 Pest Control Services for Fleas

If you own a pet, then you may have come across flea infestation situations at least once or more. How well you handle such situations will determine if you have a flea decline or growth in populations.

All of the top pest control companies for fleas provided here have a strong background of effectively exterminating flea infestation, and a tradition of customer satisfaction and trust.

You may want to use any of the options most suitable for you. We start our list with the following;

1. Turner Pest Control

Turner pest control is a provider of comprehensive pest solution services which include not only fleas but other common pests.

It promises its clients immediate and visible results as well as ongoing pest management services to ensure the client does not have to worry about the resurgence of infestation.

Its clients have the freedom of either meeting their immediate pest needs or the selection of the “TurnerGuard all-in-one protection program” plan which is cost-effective.

If there are dissatisfied clients, Turner Pest Control will handle such concerns at no extra cost until the client is fully satisfied.

2. AmericanPest

AmericanPest is a formidable name in the provision of efficient pest control services to a wide range of clients. It has several pests (flea) control plans which are tailored to fit the needs of its clients.

With a workforce of highly skilled technicians, clients are offered professional services that are targeted at achieving the highest client satisfaction possible.

Its years of experience in the field of pest control have earned it the trust of its existing clients, as well as an increasing number of new clients as a major force among pest control services.

3. Truly Nolen

As a landlord or tenant, to take back your home from invading pests, you need a trusted partner with an impressive track record to stand by you. Truly Nolen represents that, and even more.

Truly Nolen tracks the seasonal behavior of pests to provide its clients with the best flea extermination services.

Truly Nolen does not just commence treatment but uses the best methods which would effectively exterminate the flea population after carefully studying the level and severity of infestation.

4. BioGuard

This pest control service offers effective flea control using environmentally friendly measures which ensures that fleas are effectively exterminated.  Treatment needs are properly identified during the inspection of the areas infested which may be your home or office.

After the initial treatment phase, BioGuard technicians maintain surveillance on your property to checkmate a comeback or return of fleas.

BioGuard has positioned itself as one of the few pest (flea) control services to adopt completely green services for the safety of client’s households.

5. Active Pest Control

Active Pest Control does a thorough search of your property to discover areas most affected by flea infestation. A feature that makes it stand out among other pest control services is its pricing model which can easily fit into your budget.

While providing quarterly treatments for your household, any reported cases of fleas between scheduled appointments are effectively handled to ensure the client is fully satisfied.

Its capacity to handle flea infestation has seen a rise in its client base, with many clients attesting to its level of professionalism.

6. Batzner Pest Control

Providing flea extermination services for both residential and commercial clients, Batzner Pest Control is the right choice for persons in need of a reliable and trusted pest control service which will handle all their worries.

The Batzner option is a sure way to fight fleas the most reliable way.

Through its trademark Balanced as Nature (BAN) pest control system, Batzner pest control offers targeted seasonal visits that offer the best value to clients, ensuring that fleas are kept at bay.

7. Palmetto Exterminators Inc.

Palmetto Exterminators Inc. is the go-to-guys when it comes to flea infestation problems. Its services are available on a commercial as well as residential/individual basis.

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions which are environmentally friendly, yet effective in the extermination of fleas, Palmetto Exterminators Inc. ensures your total needs are met.

Whether you are interested in just exterminating fleas or need a wider range of exterminating services to include other pests, Palmetto has you adequately covered.

8. Poulin’s Pest Control

With its popular slogan “no fooling with Poulin,” Poulin’s Pest Control uses innovative measures in combating flea infestation, ensuring that clients do not have to worry, but are provided long-lasting solutions to their pest (flea) needs.

9. Advanced Integrated Pest Management

Whatever your needs are, be it residential or commercial, Advanced Integrated Pest Management has you covered with its top-of-the-range flea control services for its diverse client base.

Using environmentally friendly treatment measures, the safety of the client and that of his environment is a key concern, while eliminating worries posed by fleas in the home or environment.

To provide its clients with lasting solutions, a lot has been invested in innovation to ensure that immediate results are obtained as well as preventive measures used in warding off pests.

10. Black Diamond Total Property Protection

Black Diamond Total Property Protection offers a full range of solutions to pest infestation problems that flea is a part of.

No matter the level of flea infestation in your property, Black Diamond is a trusted name in bringing lasting solutions to your needs.

This is done through directly treating the problem using environmentally friendly procedures, as well as mitigating the resurgence of fleas in your property through the adoption of preventive measures that are done periodically.

Top 10 Pest Control Services for Homes

Residential pest infestation has become a major problem across the United States as well as around the world. A growing number of health cases relating to diseases transmitted by these pests are commonplace.

A lot of cases relating to pest infestation are largely caused by poor sanitation and dismal hygienic conditions. Although not every case of an infestation is caused by poor sanitary conditions.

The top exterminating services unveiled in this section have a proven track record of excellence, as they have consistently provided total pest solutions for satisfied clients. We start with the following;

1. Truly Nolen Pest Control Services

Truly Nolen is among the best pest control companies as it offers complete residential pest control solutions which cover all the types of common pest problems.

The most common of these include bugs, roaches, bees, rodents, ants and termites among several other pests. It all starts with a free inspection provided by Truly Nolen to assess the level of damage or infestation.

A recommendation is given based on findings obtained from the inspection, followed by a comprehensive treatment plan. It also has a user-friendly service portal where its current clients can easily pay bills as well as reschedule services among several other features.

2. Dodson Pest Control

Dodson pest control offers comprehensive pest control services covering every possible pest control need of its numerous clients consisting of both new and existing. It conducts a free inspection to ascertain the level of damage/infestation.

This is followed by an evaluation of the situation as well as the selection of the best method to combat the problem.

Its long list of pest targets includes termites, carpenter bees, flies, cockroaches, wood-destroying beetles, rats and mice among others.

3. Terminix Pest Control

Terminix is a household name in the pest control industry as it offers reliable pest control services to both new and existing clients. The best pest control methods are used to ensure the total extermination of pests.

In the course of providing these services, the safety of pets and kids are taken into consideration. This is to ensure that while providing the best extermination solutions for pests, the safety of pets and children does not stand in the way, as taken care of through the use of safer methods.

4. Orkin Pest Control

Orkin is among America’s foremost pest control services, offering a wide range of far-reaching pest control solutions to an ever-increasing client base. Orkin has a database of seasonal pest activity for every region within the United States, which aids in providing the best response and treatment for these infestations.

Some of the most commonly known household pests include termites, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, fire ants and several others which are effectively exterminated by Orkin.

5. Plunkett’s Pest Control Services

Plunkett’s Pest Control provides value to clients through the provision of a comprehensive pest control service.

What has made it successful over the years is the level of connection it has built with its clients, resulting in confidence, and ultimately trust clients have in its capacity to provide a lasting and reliable solution to pest infestation problems.

Its licensed pest control technicians have been highly trained to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

6. Massey

Massey offers its clients a wide range of pest control treatment plans to choose from. Each of these plans offers customers deep satisfaction by ensuring it meets and even exceeds their expectations. A downside to its operations is that it does not have a nation-wide presence, as its services are only restricted to a few states that include Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia. This means that people outside of these locations requiring pest control services will have to check elsewhere.

As with most pest control services, Massey’s pest control services cover several common household pests. They have been providing these excellent services for a long time.

7. Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark is a strong name in the pest control services industry with a track record of excellence. This has seen the company achieve a high referral rate among clients who have been satisfied with its services. The reason for its success has been its workforce which the company has invested a lot of resources in training.

This has resulted in the provision of cutting edge services driven by innovation in the extermination of household pests.

8. Earthwise Pest Management

Also a major player in the pest control services industry, Earthwise Pest Management has won the confidence of its existing clients and continues to do so with new clients.

Operating within the Sacramento, Roseville, and Folsom areas, Earthwise Pest Management offers a comprehensive household pest control plan for households.

9. My Pest Pros

With a provision for live chat, My Pest Pros provides an easy-to-use platform for new and existing clients to access its pest control services. Its services are provided by certified professionals trained to offer clients the best pest control experience.

It uses a non-chemical procedure in the extermination of pests from source, ensuring that the problem is adequately tackled.

10. Adams Pest Control

Adams pest control services offer its clients an effective pest control solution by not only exterminating pests but also traces the source and eliminates them.

This has made it a trusted name in the pest control services sector, with lots of satisfied clients to show for. It provides extermination services for the most common to the most complex pests which may infest your home.

Whatever your needs, these pest control solutions are capable of providing a lasting solution of your homes consisting of indoors as well as outdoors.

Top 10 Pest Control Services for Offices

The top 10 pest control companies for offices are our focus in this section.

We are interested in this subject because these services are in increasing demand among businesses because of the dangers posed by pests in office environments.

Pests that range from rodents, termites, and several other types pose health dangers in work environments as well as damage to files/documents, buildings, and furniture.

A need for an immediate solution to these problems arises. This is the singular reason why we present some of the best companies which have the reputation of reliably getting the job done.

1. Arrow Exterminators

Providing a full range of services for both residential and commercial clients, Arrow exterminators are among the best providers of pest control services due to its longstanding commitment to its numerous commercial clients.

Pest infestation in office environments are a major concern to clients.

To combat this menace, Arrow Exterminators has developed its trademark “STEPS Total Protection System where it deploys the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy in exterminating pests.

It first starts with a detailed and careful inspection process where affected areas are identified and the right treatment procedure selected. This is followed by the determination of the root causes of such infestation.

The third process is the treatment phase, where environmentally friendly treatment measures are used and also done in a way that the resurgence of the situation is properly curtailed.

2. Caroline Pest Control Services

Driven by Bug Busters, Caroline Pest Control services have been providing expert help and solutions to businesses that have had running battles with pests in their offices as well as properties.

All Bug Buster pest control technicians are adequately trained and fully certified to provide highly professional services and solutions to clients and their immediate pest problems. It minimizes the use of harmful chemicals through the use of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy for the best results.

While combating pest infestation, Bug Busters also ensures that there are little or no cases of pest resurgence.

3. Hulett Environmental Services

Hulett Environmental Services is a pest control service that has provided pest control solutions over the years to commercial, as well as residential clients.

Whether it is a small business or major business, Hulett Environmental Services provides a comprehensive pest control service to ensure its clients are fully satisfied.

No matter the level of pest infestation for your business, Hulett Environmental Services is just a call away.

4. Home Paramount Pest Control

Home Paramount Pest Company takes the worry off your shoulder by allowing you to focus on your business while it does what it knows how to do best.

Backed by several years of service excellence, Home Paramount has built a reputation in the pest control industry, consisting of both commercials as well as residential pest control services. It has a diverse range of satisfied clients who have built trust in its capacity to deliver.

5. Crane Pest Control

Crane Pest Control is a name synonymous with excellence in the provision of pest control services to clients ranging from residential to commercial clients. The damages incurred by businesses due to the activities of pests in offices and other areas of the business can be very frustrating.

However, with Crane Pest Control as your partner, all your worries are eliminated as they ensure that pest is kept at bay while your business thrives.

It provides its services to cover the healthcare sector, the foodservice as well as the hospitality sectors.

6. Aptive Environmental

Aptive environmental is among the top pest control services for offices, as it handles all types of pest infestation issues professionally.

Some of its areas of competence include the handling of pests in dental and medical offices, malls and shopping centers, car dealerships, synagogues, churches, and temples as well as warehouse and storage facilities among several other areas.

In addition to the extermination of pests in the above locations, it also provides custom solutions for clients who require pest control services to fit their schedules or needs.

7. Assured Environments

Having pests to deal with in work environments is a situation no business would tolerate, as it creates a serious distraction whose effects will be evident as it will hurt the growth of the business which is also capable of driving away potential clients.

Assured Environments is a reliable and trustworthy partner in the pest control service industry as it provides the highest standards of pest extermination services to commercial clients especially in office environments.

8. Lloyd Pest Control

Having an office pest infestation coupled with work can be unbearable.

However, with Lloyd Pest Control, all your fears are eliminated as it offers a 100% guarantee of completely exterminating these pests through the provision of general pest services, inspection, and exclusion as well as termite services among several others to clients.

The degree of pest infestation largely determines the intervention or treatment measures to use.

9. Allgood Pest Solutions

With over 40 years of experience in the pest control services industry, Allgood pest solutions have demonstrated its capacity to handle all types of office pest infestations with several satisfied clients to show.

A member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), its objective is to bring a lasting solution to problems of pest infestation while abiding by all regulatory guidelines in discharging this task.

10. Viking Pest Control

Viking Pest Control is a reputable name in the pest control services industry, providing professional pest extermination services to several industries, some of which include the hospitality industry, food processing, warehousing, schools and daycare, manufacturing and several others.

Office pest infestation issues are properly handled and immediate and reliable solutions found for such.

Top 10 Pest Control Services for Restaurants

Here our focus is on the top 10 pest control companies for restaurants based on the importance of the subject matter. Pest infestation in restaurants is a real and major threat faced by restaurant businesses as well as customers.

Some of the most common pests include roaches, rodents, flies and also stored food pests among others.

The saving grace is that there are formidable and capable pest control companies that offer professional pest control services to clients.

1. Terminix

Terminix is among the top-rated pest control services for restaurants in America. With several solutions for different pest infestation scenarios, Terminix has a wide range of services that have a long-lasting effect. These services include preventive measures as well as extermination services.

Terminix adopts safety measures by using environmentally safe chemicals that are done professionally to ensure that stored food and other consumables in the kitchen, as well as the restaurant stores, do not get contaminated in the process.

In addition to providing these services, it also offers the best tips on the most effective preventive measures to apply as well. These broad-based extermination measures make Terminix one of the most preferred pest control services for restaurants.

2. Orkin

With a proven track record in the foodservice industry, Orkin has created a reputation of excellence through its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which utilizes its signature pest control method of first Assessing the situation, the Implementation process, and Monitoring.

  • Assessing the Situation

This has to do with a comprehensive inspection of the restaurant to gain knowledge on the factors which are likely to attract pests.

Some of these include the likely entry points used by these pests, what attracts these pests, as well as the structural conditions which may encourage pest infestation.

  • Implementation

The implementation process has to do with the best control or extermination measure to use. There are several treatment options to use.

After an assessment, the best treatment which suits the need of the customer is used. In all treatment cases, non-harmful treatments are selected to ensure the environment is not negatively affected.

  • Monitoring

Monitoring has to do with continuous inspection of the premises. This is a measure to ensure that the objective of terminating restaurant pests is fully achieved.

This also monitors if previous treatments have been effective, as well as checking for likely infestation resurgence.

3. Cook’s Pest Control

Cook’s pest control offers a wide range of pest extermination solutions for the home as well as restaurant businesses.

Cook’s pest management program includes sanitation, exclusion, and treatment offered by experts who first impact the level of infestation and then offer the best recommendations which are far-reaching. The treatment option selected by Cook’s is done after having carried out a careful assessment of the situation.

A wide range of pests is handled by Cook’s pest control, leaving both the business owner, as well as the customer worry-free.

4. Rentokil

Rentokil offers comprehensive pest control services to clients. It provides details on the most common and annoying pests which have become a major source of concern for restaurant businesses.

However, while highlighting the dangers posed by these pests, a comprehensive solution to each of these pests infestation is offered.

5. Moxie

Moxie pest control is yet another pest control service that has provided comprehensive pest control services over the years, with a lot of satisfied clients to show.

Moxie pest control promises to exceed the expectations of clients as well as guarantees them complete satisfaction. Its services are available for both residential as well as businesses, including restaurants. A wide range of pests is included and covers the most common kitchen and restaurant pests.

6. Eco-Wise Pest Services

Among the list of pests handled by Critter Control’s Eco-Wise pest services are the most common kitchen pests that include roaches, rats/mice, stored food pests, ants and flies among others.

Eco-Wise adopts the best traditional pest control programs which avoid the use of chemicals as well as the provision of pest prevention and exclusion services to clients.

7. Ecolab Pest Control

Ecolab pest control services are among the top restaurant pest control services which provide a broad-based solution for businesses by ensuring that the reputation of businesses is protected through the total elimination of embarrassing situations caused by pests.

Restaurant business owners have a sure and reliable partner in Ecolab as the total pest solutions provider.

8. McCloud Services

This pest control service has a reputation for protecting businesses such as restaurants from a pest infestation, ensuring that food gets prepared under the most hygienic conditions to the point where they are served without interference from pests.

9. Sprague Pest Solutions

Sprague pest solutions provide a wide range of residential as well as commercial services that include the restaurant industry. The company handles pest at all stages of their lifecycles, ensuring that they are exterminated, thereby preventing cases of resurgence.

10. Wil-Kil Pest Control

This pest control services provider offers its commercial clients the freedom of choosing the most effective means of exterminating pest most suitable for them. This is in addition to free initial pest inspection to ascertain the level of infestation.

After providing comprehensive extermination services to your restaurant, there are additional preventive measures recommended to keep pests at bay as well as follow-up inspections.


These are the top pest control companies with a proven track record of excellence over the years. These have consistently won client trust, and continue to do so. As mentioned earlier, these have not been listed in any particular order.

With the excellent services provided by them, it is believed that the provision of lasting solutions to restaurant pest problems will be achieved.

Above are the best pest control services that can provide you excellent vermin removal services.