Pest control services have become very essential to humans due to the health implications posed by pest infestation.

The infestation of pests has led to several diseases that have been harmful to humans.

We will focus on the top 10 pest control companies for restaurants based on the importance of the subject matter.

Pest infestation and treatment in restaurants is a real and major threat faced by these businesses as well as customers.

Some of the most common pests include roaches, rodents, flies, and also stored food pests among others.

Restaurant Pest Control Companies

The saving grace is that there are formidable and capable pest control companies that offer professional pest control services to clients.

The top exterminators for restaurants are listed in no particular order below;

1. Terminix

Terminix is among the top-rated pest control services for restaurants in America.

With several solutions for different pest infestation scenarios, Terminix has a wide range of services that have a long-lasting effect. These services include preventive measures as well as extermination services.

Terminix adopts safety measures by using environmentally safe chemicals that are done professionally to ensure that stored food and other consumables in the kitchen, as well as the restaurant stores, do not get contaminated in the process.

In addition to providing these services, it also offers the best tips on the most effective preventive measures to apply as well.

2. Orkin

With a proven track record in the foodservice industry, Orkin has created a reputation of excellence through its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach which utilizes its signature pest control method of first Assessing the situation, the Implementation process, and Monitoring.

  • Assessing the Situation

This has to do with a comprehensive inspection of the restaurant to gain knowledge on the factors which are likely to attract pests.

Some of these include the likely entry points used by these pests, what attracts these pests, as well as the structural conditions which may encourage pest infestation.

  • Implementation

The implementation process has to do with the best control or extermination measure to use. There are several treatment options to use. After an assessment, the best treatment which suits the need of the customer is used.

In all treatment cases, non-harmful treatments are selected to ensure the environment is not negatively affected.

  • Monitoring

Monitoring has to do with continuous inspection of the premises. This is a measure to ensure that the objective of terminating restaurant pests is fully achieved.

This also monitors if previous treatments have been effective, as well as checking for likely infestation resurgence.

3. Cook’s Pest Control

Cook’s pest control offers a wide range of pest extermination solutions for the home as well as restaurant businesses.

Cook’s pest management program includes sanitation, exclusion, and treatment offered by experts who first impact the level of infestation and then offer the best recommendations which are far-reaching.

The treatment option selected by Cooks is done after having carried out a careful assessment of the situation.

A wide range of pests is handled by Cook’s pest control, leaving both the business owner, as well as the customer worry-free.

4. Rentokil

Rentokil offers comprehensive pest control services to clients. It provides details on the most common and annoying pests which have become a major source of concern for restaurant businesses.

However, while highlighting the dangers posed by these pests, a comprehensive solution to each of these pests’ infestations is offered.

5. Moxie

Moxie pest control is yet another pest control service that has provided comprehensive pest control services over the years, with a lot of satisfied clients to show.

Moxie pest control promises to exceed the expectations of clients as well as guarantees them complete satisfaction.

Its services are available for both residential as well as businesses, including restaurants. A wide range of pests is included and covers the most common kitchen and restaurant pests.

6. Eco-Wise Pest Services

Among the list of pests handled by Critter Control’s Eco-Wise pest services are the most common kitchen pests that include roaches, rats/mice, stored food pests, ants, and flies among others.

For an estimate of Eco-Wise Pest Services’ cost, you can contact them.

Eco-Wise adopts the best traditional pest control programs which avoid the use of chemicals as well as the provision of pest prevention and exclusion services to clients.

7. Ecolab Pest Control

Ecolab pest control services are among the top restaurant pest control services which provide a broad-based solution for businesses by ensuring that the reputation of businesses is protected through the total elimination of embarrassing situations caused by pests.

Restaurant business owners have a reliable partner in Ecolab as the total pest solutions provider.

8. McCloud Services

This pest control service has a reputation for protecting businesses such as restaurants from a pest infestation, ensuring that food gets prepared under the most hygienic conditions to the point where they are served without interference from pests.

9. Sprague Pest Solutions

Sprague pest solutions provide a wide range of residential as well as commercial services that include the restaurant industry.

The company handles pests at all stages of their lifecycles, ensuring that they are totally exterminated, thereby preventing cases of resurgence.

10. Wil-Kil Pest Control

This pest control services provider offers its commercial clients the freedom of choosing the most effective means of exterminating pests most suitable for them.

This is in addition to free initial pest inspection to ascertain the level of infestation.

After providing comprehensive extermination services to your restaurant, there are additional preventive measures recommended to keep pests at bay as well as follow-up inspections.

These are the best exterminators for pests in restaurants with a proven track record of excellence over the years. These have consistently won client trust, and continue to do so.

As mentioned earlier, these have not been listed in any particular order.

With the excellent services provided by them, it is believed that the provision of lasting solutions to restaurant pest problems will be achieved.

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