We will focus our discussion on the yearly cost for most termite protection plans.

Every year, homeowners face a variety of pest challenges. Among the most difficult to deal with are termites.

Pest control services provide a wide range of solutions with multiple treatment options available. For every pest treatment, the cost is a primary consideration for many.

Yearly Termite Protection Plan Cost

Termite protection plans vary by the extent of the treatment of coverage.

For example, homeowners may prefer any treatment contracts, such as one-time visits, fortnightly, quarterly, monthly, or yearly contracts.

Each of these contracts is best suited to fit a pest removal need.

Termite Treatment Frequency and Annual Cost

One of the primary things you need to note when it comes to termite treatments is that the treatment frequency impacts cost.

Also, certain treatments have specific durations, effects on termites, and side effects on humans. For instance, some liquid treatments last five years or more.

They only have to be reapplied (if the need arises) after the expiration of the treatment timeframe.

Coming back to costs, the type of treatment you choose and the termite company you hire will impact prices. Here, the frequency of visits will determine how much you incur in treatment costs.

There’s the aspect of choosing your termite treatment company to understand this further.

How is this important? First off, not every termite company offers every available plan or contract. You want to go with those whose service offerings match your needs.

The more treatment plans a company has, the better. So, you might find a termite company offering one-time visits, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly visits.

This covers every possible treatment option you might need.

After choosing your preferred termite company, the next stage is choosing your plan that will directly impact costs. The cost is mainly tied to the type of treatment or approach adopted and the frequency of visits.

How frequent a termite service visits and what they do during such visits will determine the cost incurred.

Cost of Yearly Termite Protection

Our discussion has been primarily focused on clarifying the relationship between cost and treatment frequency. Here, we’ll shift our attention to the main point of discussion.

How much does yearly termite treatment cost? There’s hardly a substantial cost due to several factors.

However, the typical cost range is between $175 and $1,500. Here, treatment is characterized by a higher upfront cost which tends to be a great deal due to the several protective actions involved.

Most times, yearly termite protection plans are preceded by the initial treatment.

The annual plan kicks in after the initial treatment. So what does the treatment fee of $175 to $1,500 cover? It mostly depends on your service provider.

Termite companies have their unique approaches, which may vary from others.

On the low end, yearly costs may cover thorough inspections of your property each year but may not include treatments. On the higher (cost) end, the approach tends to be more comprehensive as they have full and regular treatments.

Asides from termite inspections, baits may be updated in addition to termite barriers.

Every Termite Company has its Unique Pricing Plan.

Before hiring a termite company or entering into a yearly contract, it’s important to note that annual protection costs will differ based on unique pricing structures.

Every company designs and follows a unique pricing structure.

Many factors play a role in determining how much cost is incurred for yearly protection. Such may include the extent of intervention, among others.

To have a great deal, you’ll need to make critical comparisons between these termite companies to find the best value in terms of cost.

While that is true, it’s also important to watch the quality of service. How reputable the company is matters. More than anything else, you want the treatment process to be worthwhile and beneficial.

Factors Affecting Yearly Termite Protection Cost

When it comes to yearly termite protection, several factors play a part in determining contract costs.

These include the treatment technique used, size of your structure, type of foundation, the extent of the infestation, and the kind of termite involved.

i. Treatment Technique Used

Yearly termite protection plans adopt a variety of treatment techniques.

These mainly involve the chemical used. The most common treatments applied include termite bait systems, liquid chemical barriers, and non-repellent liquid treatments.

While some of these treatments are designed to exterminate termites on contact, others repel them from accessing your property.

Each technique attracts a specific cost.

ii. Size of Structure

The size of your structure counts towards the total cost of the project.

Larger structures take more time to inspect and take up more treatment supplies. For the most part, size works with cost as it increases for more extensive facilities and decreases for smaller ones.

iii. Type of Foundation

The type of foundation you have matters.

Here, yearly termite protection plans consider the foundation type as some designs may require custom treatment procedures. There are monolithic as well as floating foundations.

Because termites mostly enter a home through the foundation, such areas need to be thoroughly assessed and protected. Monolithic foundations require custom treatments which in most cases require the trenching method.

This may attract a higher cost than floating foundations.

iv. Extent of Infestation

Without a doubt, the extent of termite inspection plays a role in determining yearly termite protection costs. If you live in a termite-prone location, dealing with challenging infestations is likely.

More difficult infestations attract higher costs.

v. Type of Termite Involved

Certain termite species such as the Formosan are notorious for causing significant property damage.

Due to their level of destruction, infestations are usually considered high-risk, so protection costs are likely to be higher for these than for other species.

You will have to call for a professional inspection to determine the type of termite involved.

That’s about all regarding yearly termite protection costs. We’ve seen that such charges can vary widely depending on many factors, including the company hired.

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